Multifunctional Hair Dryer Straight Hair Curling Comb


Hair Dryer Straight Hair Curling Comb 



Designed to make your hair look better



✔ Negative ions saturate the airflow to reduce the size of water droplets for faster drying. This helps condition, smooth and make hair shinier while reducing frizz and static.

✔ Less Time, Less Damage.

✔ Dries and in one step for less heat damage and beautiful full bodies results.

✔ Protects hair from over-styling with even heat distribution that penetrates hair quickly from the inside out for less damage and enhanced shine.

 Unique Airflow Vents - Enhanced design for faster drying and better coverage.

✔ Oval Design - Gently curved sides for smoothing and round edges for smooth volume and curled ends.

✔ Multiple Heat Settings - Complex drying and styling flexibility for all hair types.

 Lightweight, Ergonomic Design - For maximum comfort and ease of use during styling.


  • For faster results, towel dry hair to remove excess water, then run a comb through damp hair to detangle for best results.

  • Separate hair into manageable sections.

  • For smooth blowouts, place the Volumizer close to the roots and brush down toward the ends. The mixed nylon-pin with rounded tips quickly while tufted bristles with boar technology gently grip hair to smooth out hair.

  • For voluminous blowouts, place the Volumizer under the hair close to the roots and roll outward to the ends. For Extra lift at the roots, hold the Volumizer for 2 to 3 seconds under the roots.

  • To curl ends IN, place the Volumizer UNDER the ends and hold or 2 to 3 seconds before rotating inward. To curl ends OUT, place the Volumizer OVER the ends and hold for 2 to 3 seconds before rotating outward.


  • Plug specifications: EU/UK/US
  • Tuyere temperature: 120°
  • Size: 290*140*140mm


Multifunctional Hair Dryer Straight Hair Curling Comb

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